UONLINE –Real-time online telemetry system for vending machines. With UONLINE you can get data from your machines, analyze them, manage your machine remotely. Each machine comes with a GPRS modem with a SIM card from your own local operator. UONLINE monitors 24/7 all parameters of your vending machines. You can check and change any parameter you like whenever you need it.

UONLINE allows to trace the current status of any of your vending machines online, optimize routes, schedule service and installations (your operator will have up-to-date information how much products or ingredients does he need, how much change does he need to load. Your service engineers will always know the cause of the machine malfunction before they leave the office, and take with them the spare parts they will need to fix the machine.

UONLINE - real-time online monitoring of all your vending operations: easy, smart, efficient, reliable.

Automatic Products, Azkoyen, Bianchi, Brunimat, CRANE, Dixie-Narco, FAS, astcorp, Gerhardt, GPE Vendors, Jofemar, N&W, Rheavendors, SandenVendo, Saeco, Sielaff, Spengler,
U-Select It, Unicum, Westomatic, Wurlitzer ...and many other brands are connectable! If your machine is not in this list, contact us and we will test it for you.


  • Event log for every vending machine.
  • Remote settings change for single or multiple. (Not available in Non-Unicum vending machines)
  • Possibility to add or remove credit from the machine remotely. (Not available in Non-Unicum vending machines)
  • Real-time vending machine and payment systems error monitoring.
  • Remote error reset. (Not available in Non-Unicum vending machines)
  • Real-time products and ingredients status
  • Cashless cards real-time monitoring.
  • E-mail or SMS alerts.
  • Full machine audit data.
  • External databases data exchange (open protocol).
  • Gateway for credit management from external servers (open protocol).
  • Bi-directional communication (from the vending machine to the server and from server to the vending machine).
  • Low GPRS track consumption.

 You ‘ll need telemetry if…

  • If you hire staff to service your machines
  • If you give machines for rent
  • If you operate more then 20 machines
  • If you service machines, not on a daily basis
  • If you want to cut operational costs significantly
  • If you want to get competitive advantages by giving your customers options of cashless payments and bonus options
  • If you want to get the maximum profit from each product in your machine