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UNICUM jet-sets to Brazil!

Russian vending manufacturer Unicum will participate in the international trade exhibition EXPOVENDING & OCS Latin America 2015 in São Paulo in September 9-10. This marks UNICUM debut at the largest industry event in Latin America.

The development of Latin American vending & kiosk market outpaces most parts of the world. For example, its Brazilian segment, with about 80 000 vending machines in operation, is experiencing somewhat of a boom making it one of global industry leaders. According to Brazilian Vending Association (ABVA), in 2015 domestic market grew by 20% exceeding $400 million in revenue. Hot beverages make up 65% of sales, soft drinks account for 21%, snacks 13% and 1% for other products. International experts position Latin American countries as a vast and promising market.

“We have ambitious plans,” says Vladislav Leonov, project lead of export at Unicum. “We recognize the potential and intend to secure our market share in Latin America!”

Despite dynamic growth, the supply market is not saturated with players. Several American and European companies have been a longtime presence in the region, but local operators are open to new ideas and technologies. “Given all the cutting edge, hi-tech options at our disposal, we are ready to shake things up,” adds Dmitry Vetrov, director of marketing at Unicum.

Brazil and Russia share several key market characteristics such as high urban concentration in a few metropolitan areas and long distances between operating points. “Unicum machines can fit right in throughout Latin America with 24U app, telemetry, cash-free payments and other ideas we successfully tested in Russia. The goal of this trip is extremely practical: to reach a new, potentially interesting market!” concludes Dmitry Vetrov.

Unicum Goals in Brazil: Unicum Goals in Brazil:

1. Present unique offers: 24U, online telemetry, cash-free payments.

2. Demonstrate FoodBox, Rosso Touch, Nero To Go and other equipment that has already proved success in other countries.

3. Establish contacts with potential equipment and software buyers from not only Brazil but also Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru and other countries.

Beyond vending, Unicum is interested in Latin America due to its consumer reliance on cash, which is a vital condition for profitability of payment terminals. A mobile network operator, for example, can significantly reduce costs and enhance service quality by offering its customers opportunity to make convenient round-the-clock self-service payments at a terminal. “We already had success with such projects in Panama, Colombia, Chile and Peru”, says Maxim Potashov, Sales manager at Unicum. “It’s worth noting that with 500+ of our payment terminals already shipped to these countries, they’ve gained such popularity that operational costs break even within the first year.”

“We are actively preparing for the two-day event in São Paulo,” says Marc Flachon, project lead of export at Unicum. “Professionals from all over the region will visit the only South American vending exhibition. Being here is a strategic development choice for our group.”