Vending Solution - ROSSO BEAN

 Easy service and maintenance
Rosso was designed and constructed in close cooperation with vending operators and meets all client’s up-to-date demands and requirements. Easy maintenance and service - is one of the core advantages of this hot drink vending machine. Rosso obtains all features required for successful and profitable vending business today and tomorrow.
 Perfect quality of all drinks
“Ideal Cup Technology” (ICT) – is one of unique innovations we use in Rosso. The operator needs just few seconds to setup perfect taste of all drinks regardless of type of ingredients.
 Available in Coffee + leaf tea
Rosso can come with one brewer for fresh tea and instant ingredients, or as well in dual fresh coffee and fresh tea.
 Easy payments
24U is an application for iOS and Android devices, allowing to pay with debit or credit card. No card reader installation. Just downloads app, registers, scans QR Code and buys products directly from the smartphone, no need to touch the machine.
 Better profitability
Rosso may be connected to online telemetry system UONLINE, providing wide range of control instruments, analytics, and marketing programs.

You Can Make

  • Coffee
  • coffee beans