Kraft LLC Unicum factory started in 1997 building and supplying around the world slot machines, the activity stopped in 2007. In 2004 Unicum launched is the first line of kiosk payment terminals and info kiosks.

In 2007 Uvenco number one vending operator in Russia was looking for a telemetry solution. Unicum adapted existing telemetry system used on slot machines and kiosks payment terminals on European vending machines, but information transmitted were poor and without any possibilities to send any commands to vending machines. 

Strong of over 10 years of experience on slot machines and kiosks, Unicum starts the development of vending machines.

2008 the first cold free-standing vending machine was presented with direct build in bidirectional telemetry, the Foodbox series was born. Only a few months later Unicum introduced NOVA hot free-standing machine.

2015 we started a collaboration with Selecta France by developing and manufacture special public cold vending machines, MOVE series (installed at SNCF train stations, Paris and Nice CA airports).

 Today, Unicum builds in its 20000 m² facilities, kiosk payment terminals, info kiosks, post boxes and vending machines.

Unicum designs, manufactures and sells a full line smart table tops and vending machines with high reliability. A recognized and innovative expertise meets the requirement of our customers and consumers. Designed products with easy space for maintenance, ergonomic interface man - machine - man, full bidirectional telemetry (U-ONLINE). Our vending machines and technologies reduce operating costs and increase the profitability of your business.

Unicum is a member of the European Vending Manufacturer association since 2014.


UNICUM owns #1 Eastern European self-service equipment manufacturing facilities.

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We are focused on quality, innovation and the latest technology, affordable today and leading your business to tomorrow and the future!

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